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Biscuits, Bonuts, Brunch

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

On a beautiful, sunny morning, we had high-carb brunch at one of Nashville’s most iconic breakfast joints, Biscuit Love. Located in Hillsboro Village, this location had a bit of a wait which gave us time to look around the venue and people watch. Most of the people in line seemed to be Nashvillians, but some were visiting from elsewhere. Two groups of bridesmaids were taking photos in their cute outfits under the Music City or Biscuit Love signs. A few gentlemen were having a meeting in the back room over coffee and biscuits.

We ordered a Bonut appetizerand were seated by the window. Within minutes our bonuts were placed in front of us. Bonuts are amazing! Simply put, they are balls of deep-fried biscuit dough, sitting in a pool of blueberry compote, topped with a lemon mascarpone crown. They are the reason I visit.

We ordered the East Nasty, Southern Benny, Shaved Brussels Salad, Chronic Bacon, a pot of tea, and a latté. We were not disappointed. The open-faced sandwiches are made from their unique biscuits that are equal parts crispy biscuit dough and light yeasty goodness. They are huge, flaky, and substantial enough to stand up to the hearty toppings. The East Nasty, voted one of Nashville’s best sandwiches, is layered with a boneless fried chicken thigh, cheddar, sausage gravy, and an egg. I suggest pulling the sandwich apart so you can eat the bottom with all the toppings and the top of the biscuit with their amazing jam.

The Southern Benny, has ham instead of chicken, is loaded with sausage gravy, and two eggs. Both sandwiches are outstanding. And if you are a lighter eater, they are big enough to share.

The Shaved Brussel Salad was the perfect counterpart to the heavier sandwiches. It was light, acidic, and cut through the richness of the sausage and biscuits. I highly recommend it as a side dish. The Chronic Bacon was crispy and sweet. It paired very nicely with Bonuts.

Biscuit Love has three locations, the Gulch, Hillsboro Village, and downtown Franklin. The Nashville locations are bright and modern. The Franklin location is in a charming old house. All of them are fabulous meeting places.

If you come to town, don’t miss Biscuit Love for breakfast or lunch. But if you can’t get to a Biscuit Love any time soon, whip up your own version of Bonuts with this recipe.


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