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We are Marilyn Jansen and Sherri Swain, two Nashville transplants (and who isn't?), who love to scour the city for diverse local flavors and share recipes that reflect our love for classic and modern dishes. 


Come with us on our journey, and you will discover there's more to love about Nashville than its stellar country music (although—hello—this is Music City!).


From the hip to historic restaurants that inspire us to re-create their most-loved dishes, to venues and events that turn the wheels of our imaginations to create brand new recipes, consider us friendly guides to the phenomenal cuisine and bustling life found in Nashville.

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As cities go, Nashville Cooks! When something is this hot, you are going to want a piece of it! Whether your sizzle is in the kitchen or on the streets, we have the perfect accompaniments.


I am an author, editor, and foodie. I love creating—with pencils, paint, frying pan, or baking sheet. Trying new things is my jam, especially if I have a friend by my side. Experiencing a new recipe, restaurant, or book through their eyes tickles my pea-pickin’ heart like nothing else! I am living proof that a hillbilly and a foodie can exist in one body. I’ve eaten crawdads cooked in a bean can on the rocky shore of a country creek, and braised sea cucumber from delicate China in the upscale elegance of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. I see every meal as an adventure. I love Jesus, coffee, fried taters, flaky puff pastry, and travel—whether that is around the world or across the street.


Born and raised in the Arkansas Delta, I am Southern to the bone! After college, I married a third-culture kid, and we lived in several regions of the country before planting roots in Nashville. 


Our unorthodox life has helped me keep an open mind and heart for new paths and innovative ideas. I love to develop fresh recipes, and I treasure perfecting those handed down from my mom and grandmothers. Being able to share these creations with family and friends is the icing on the cake (I know, but it’s the best metaphor here!).


We love Nashville for its blend of laidback charm and big city attractions; a bonus is the amazing music industry that also drew our daughter and son-in-law here. When not cooking up a new dish for our family to sample, I spend my days as a freelance marketing creative. Late at night, you’ll most likely find me accompanied by Xena, our mammoth Golden retriever (and “warrior princess”), as I search for an elusive British drama I have yet to see.

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